Do I HAVE to?

Saturday, October 06, 2012

If you did the tasks this week, you're already on the road to having a HOME on your hands.
Remember, it's the MUSTS that count. No matter what, they must be done. The needs, well, they definitely need attention, but if you're sick, have crazy life stuff going on, or whatever, don't stress. You'll get back to them!

Having an idea of what needs done and a plan for when it will be done takes care of 99% of the stress. 

You can sit down on the couch or play a game with your kids or go out with friends when you know the floor needs mopped because you know that it will be mopped on Friday. 

You can take your time on the bathroom when you know the stairs need vacuumed because you know that vacuuming gets done on Wednesdays.

If God has blessed you with a place (mansion, apartment, shack, hut, or cardboard box) then you have a place to make a HOME. 

Ladies, we have been given a great responsibility, we get to make homes. The home is the very center of any society. Is yours a place that is pleasant to come to? To live in? To make? 

May your home be a beautiful place that is open to all kinds of people. May they leave knowing that it is run by a woman who loves the Lord and takes seriously her role as keeper of the home.

Check out this article, which is a good reminder of the WHY behind it all. 


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  2. Hey girly! I just wanted to let you know that i've nominated you for the lovely blog award! <3
    I've loved reading your blog and getting to know you!


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