Sweetly, Frankly Friday

Friday, October 19, 2012

When you hear "the power of..." what comes to mind? Pinesol? Yeah, me too. This week, I've had power on my mind. 

The power of...

*Christ - reading in Ephesians I had a reality check 

*Paint - check out this lady's house. She completely changed up her house and she mainly did it with PAINT. Choose wisely, be bold, and see the difference.

*Words - they are said, they are remembered, people are definitely affected. You know what I'm saying. 

*Feeling put together - we are so blessed to have basically unlimited access to soap, toothpaste, lotion, hot, clean water, etc...Imagine your life without these things. People live without them everyday, but I am blessed to have them. 

*Smiling - the next time you see someone smiling go ahead, try not to smile AT ALL. It's pretty much impossible! Be the person who goes around smiling and giving others the reason to do the same.

The very first thing that I learned to do on my own in the kitchen involving ingredients that needed to be measured was baking cookies.

I had one friend in particular who joined me in learning to make peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Later on, we took on things like macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Any chance we got, we would make one of these four things. We'd raid each other's fridges (well, each other's parents' fridges) for butter and eggs. We were never smart enough to just bake at whoever had plenty of everything.

Anyway, to this day, I still enjoy baking.

When I cook, it's definitely NOT a science. I have a recipe, but that is merely a guide line.

When I bake, I try to make things a little more exact.

Today I want to challenge you to keep baking. Try new things. Buy the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, soda, and powder. Always have some nuts and chips on hand.

Make sweet treats for yourself, your family, and your neighbors. 

Chocolate chip cookies are so common. Yet, whenever I travel or go to a potluck, I try to bring some along. Every single time they are ALL gone. Every single time I do, I am glad I did.

People love sweet treats. You don't have to go fancy. You don't have to serve dessert every night. But I think you should definitely consider baking from scratch.

I'm still trying to perfect the whole pie crust thing. There's always hope!

What's your favorite sweet treat? Did you have  Mom or Grandma who made something amazing? What was it? 

Do you have a never fail, perfectly awesome, pie crust recipe? 


  1. Ephesians ALWAYS kicks me in the face.
    Words...you nailed it, they are always remembered, people are affected, etc etc...dang so true!
    And you're right, we should remember the small blessings at all times!
    . . .
    I CAN NOT WAIT to have my new oven put in, then i can actually bake! :)

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    it is my mission to follow uplifting positive blogs and your is definitely one. I'm your new follower and would be awesome if you follow me back


    Abi K

  3. my devotional reading was out of ephesians yesterday! great book! well the entire bible is not just ephesians


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