Coming and Going

Saturday, October 27, 2012

More than having a good time. More than making people feel welcome. More than getting into the spirit of things. More than good food, clean homes, and a stress free life. 

Our goal as home makers should be this: That everyone leaves feeling alive and refreshed. That after spending time in our home they have come to know and enjoy God more.

Our homes are our "base". We are the overflow of our homes. So, may our homes be a wellspring of life that has even our guests overflowing with the praise of God. 

The special days when we have guests and parties are EXTRA opportunities to live out this goal.

Use them wisely, ladies. Therein lies a job well done. 

What was your favorite post this week?

Is there a home that you have visited and left feeling alive and refreshed?

Is there a home that you have visited where you leave overflowing with the praise of God?

What makes that home unique? 

And, why not another video since it's Saturday? 

This is a music video that just came out this week. I know, they're kind of a thing of the past, but I still get excited about them. Thank you YOUTUBE for being there when we need you.

This video kind of goes right along with my thoughts from yesterday and fits pretty well today too! 

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