The Scenic Route and Laundry Days

Monday, October 29, 2012

Good morning, ladies! This last weekend was what I am considering the last "hurrah" of fall. I know, it's only October. But I also know that winter is quickly approaching. 

This weekend felt almost like winter. The temps were cold, it was wet (not freezing yet), and the wind was biting. 

It was a weekend full of so many things:

a  pumpkin patch
 cider making
 a corn maze
pumpkin donuts
meeting up unexpectedly with people we know
 meeting new people
 a Starbucks stop
caramel apples
 a movie night

Have you ever listened to the conversations people have in corn mazes?

Things like..."We're never getting out of here..." "Hey, where did you get that corn?" "Slow down! There are people in front of you!" "If I was thirsty, I'd find the way out!" "Where is the video when you need it?" (This one came after someone tripped and fell...)

There was also LOTS and LOTS of LOUD laughter.

Let's just say, I was laughing almost the whole time. We kept running into the same people. Eventually we all made it out, the mystery was solved, and we didn't have to worry about running over each other, getting out, or being thirsty.

The sky was GRAY.

This boy was a good leader. He even came up with the idea to use broken corn stalks and corn cobs to make arrows on the ground. The arrows were so that those of us slow pokes could know which way he went. 

The ground was wet, muddy, and pretty gross.

Look at that face of delight in the back ground. Tongue and all.

Sometime between the weather warming up and the weather getting cold, I lost a glove. Actually, three to be exact. I keep the sunglasses I'm not using in some very soft *never been worn* socks. Thankfully, I had one of those in my purse. So, black glove and clean white sock it was. Needless to say, I kept the socked hand in my pocket.

Almost to the end! 


Remember what I said about no laundry on the weekends

If you commit to keeping your laundry sorted (ie ready to wash at anytime) and doing at least one load a day you shouldn't have to do any on the weekends. 

Now, if you have ten kids you'll have to bump up the loads per day thing. I get that. 

But really, it's that simple. Just do at least one load every day during the week. 

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