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Friday, October 12, 2012

Good morning! I'm sitting here wondering what I let happen with the 31 Days posts. 

This weekend, I'm going to give you in a nutshell what I had planned to share with you this week. 
Last week was great. I loaded up the car Wednesday to go spend some time with friends and didn't come home until late Sunday. There was lots of visiting, cooking, Thai food, jelly making, driving, a wedding, and a great time of worship with some of my favorite people. 

Fast forward to today and I am looking back on an eventful week.

I'm sitting here with Mat Kearney singing about something on a couch strewn about with fabric and pain samples. At my side is a mug of hot mint tea resting on a book about gardening. At my feet is a crochet project I've just started. Across the room is a jigsaw puzzle on a card table. There are blankets, books, and pens strewn about as well.

So trivial. So many things for this moment. So many things that occupy us, yet FOR WHAT? 
Quiet lives at home are nice. Probably even necessary. Sometimes I wonder what this is all about though. I'm comfy and warm and blogging. People are all around me and yet I don't even know what they're going through. I am in my own little bubble living a "good life" and they are in need of hearing about how to live THE good life! 

All of that and I'm ready for a thankful list!

I'm thankful for:

*Christian community...Blessed by a complete stranger who hosted several of us when we were traveling to my friend's wedding last weekend. She went all out with flowers, balloons, chocolate, ice cream, a lovely breakfast, and we were up way to late visiting with her. 

*God's faithfulness...Gathering for a wedding reminds me of the covenantal nature of God. He is faithful to us and calls us to be faithful to one another. It's pretty awesome.

*Feelings...I'm realizing how much I care about people and I like that feeling. Sometimes I just go through life taking people for granted (is that the right word?). Lately, I've been forced to realize that I shouldn't do that. 

*God's truth shared with me...Sitting around talking with other saints talking about the word of God and the truths that are getting them through is one of my favorite things to do. God is good to grant us understanding. Over and over again. 

 What have you been especially thankful for lately? Do the trivial things ever get you thinking about eternity? 

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  1. This definitely made me stop, reflect, and thank YOU for sharing this! <3 Sorry it took me a few days to read it!


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