15 Day Challenge: Day 1

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I just heard about this little project where bloggers commit to posting for the first fifteen days of July according to a list of post prompts for each day.

I have gone through the prompts and there are a few I'm not sure I'm going to use. 

If you're a blogger, you should join us! If not, I hope you enjoy going through these next fifteen days here on my blog. 

Day One

  15 Things About Me

1) I mainly litsen to Gospel proclaiming rap. Reach Records, Cross Movement Records, Lamp Mode Recordings, Clear Sight Music...It's music with a message.

2) I love shopping and getting new things. But, if I go in search of something specific, it is going to be a pretty bad day. I talk myself out of EVERYTHING no matter how perfect it is.

3) I need two food groups to survive: beef and potatoes. Yes, they're food groups.

4) When I was about 2, I refused to anything besides Cheerios for 2 straight weeks...I don't really like Cheerios anymore.

5) Growing up I played basketball and volleyball. I still enjoy both when I get the chance but I get frustrated with people who aren't used to playing. (Little miss competitive needs to be able to take a chill pill).

6) I studied at public school until 8th grade. Then I began to do school from home. I loved my years at home because those were the days I grew CLOSE to God and began to think with a Biblical Worldview.

7) When I'm happy I'm smiling, when I'm sick I'm smiling, when I'm mad I'm smiling...What can I say, I guess my face is stuck that way.

8) I first heard about "getting saved" before ever going to church with my family at a VBS that I didn't want to go to. That summer, at age 9 I left that VBS saved. About a year later, my parents confessed faith in Christ too. 

9) I have three younger siblings. Two of them are often mistaken for my children. 21 going on 45, I'm not insulted, that's totally fine (not).

10) I've never had a cavity or a broken bone and can't tell you the last time that I went to a doctor for anything.

 11) I really like both RSVP and fine sharpie pens in black.

12) I can't remember not knowing how to bake. I've been in the kitchen "helping" whoever was cooking since I was probably 2 or 3.

13) Even though I've had quite a few jobs, I've never officially applied or been interviewed for a job.

14) I learn best by watching, asking questions, and then doing. After that, that's the way I will always do whatever I just learned to do. It is very difficult for me to try new things.

15) The "status-quo", "everybody is doing it", "picket fence living" does not satisfy me. Being "average" is not okay with me, I am always pushing myself to make my life count.



  1. Oh my gosh i loved these! :)
    We're twins on #'s 1, 11, and 15 :) :)

  2. I looooove fine sharpie pens. Totally addicted!

    Also, love that you're always smiling! What an inspiration.

    So glad you're participating! Don't feel like you have to do any of the prompts at all, we're just trying to consistently blog! Keep linking up though so we can read about you. Here's hoping that you meet new blogger friends!

  3. nice list of facts;that is funny that you ate cherrios for two week straight :)

    cute blog! great name you have,btw!

  4. My two food groups are Pasta and Chocolate. :)

    I get really frustrated playing volleyball with people who've never really played. All that bumping-it-over-on-the-first-hit business? No, no, no.

    I've been mistaken for my little sister's mom before. Which didn't bother me at the time, but my mom was pretty insulted they thought she looked like a grandma. Ha.


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