15 Day Challenge: Day 11

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's prompt: "What's one thing that you would never change about yourself?"

Life of Love

This is one of the questions that really feeds humility...Okay, not so much. 

But seriously, I had to think about this one a little bit. There are so many things about us that we have no control over and so many things in life that have made us what we are without any effort from us. The grace of God is amazing. It keeps people from being their worst and helps them to be somewhat admirable. 

I guess the thing that I wouldn't change is my willingness to serve. 

I love feeling myself CARE for people. Sure, it hurts sometimes. It means that my life is spent differently.

I trust that God will shape this so that I glorify Him more and love people better. It's always been there and it's why I am not content to sit back as the world goes by. 

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  1. What a wonderful trait Victoria! A gift for sure, and one that not many people possess... Hope your day is fabulous!


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