The Scenic Route

Monday, July 16, 2012

I headed out to the ranch again last week after only a few days at home. 

Over the last few years the ranch has become a part of summer and the people there have become part of my life. 

My time there always includes visiting with great people, plenty of food, a chance to swim, and time to quiet my soul. Sometimes my time includes working in the kitchen or garden and ministering to people who may or may not know the Lord. 

Here is a glimpse into the last few weeks. 

A picture taken from someone in the back seat on one of our drives.

There are a bunch of benches in the shade of some trees where we sit to visit, watch birds in the trees, watch as the kids play, and sometimes just enjoy the "golden hour". I love looking out beyond all of that to see the sun shining through the sprinklers in the fields. This picture doesn't even do it justice, but this is one of my favorite views during one of my favorite times of day. 


 During my last trip, I managed to do an old lady move which left me with not one, but two, hurt feet. They are pretty much better, but the one is still giving me a bit of trouble. This time, it was swelling a lot (that dimple is where I pushed the swollen part and it stayed indented for quite a while). So, I got to spend some time with my feet UP. Here I am doing just that.

Just lovely, I know...Not!

The cherries have been coming out in full force...So the cherry pickers and processors had to work hard to get them off the trees and into kitchens. Here are some of the cutest cherry pickers of this season. 

 We were getting ready to leave and we came back to the van to find Cassie ready to join us! This poor dog has been mopey for a while...The other three dogs that kept her company left - one died of old age and the other two moved with their owners. I am hoping she perks back up soon when a new dog comes to make her home at the ranch. 

Then, we were home again and the rains came down! The last three pictures were taken by my Mom while I was too busy relaxing to even think about pulling out the camera.



  1. That looks absolutely glorious! I'm sorry you hurt both of your feet! Girl it was GOOD to put them up and rest and re-coop! It sounds like you had a fantastic time! :) :)

  2. looks and sounds wonderful! your pictures are great! and you are blessed to have rain...we are waiting and waiting...
    I am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.

  3. what a beautiful place! :) so sorry about your foot - ouch! looks like a lovely time, though

  4. Oh what a wonderfully relaxing place the ranch sounds like! Hope your foot is feeling better :-). And now you have my mouth watering for freshly picked cherries!

  5. looks like a fun summer! Minus the injured feet part :( I especially love the pic through the trees viewing the sprinklers... very "artistic" lol ;-)


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