15 Day Challenge: Day Eight

Sunday, July 08, 2012

 Today's prompt: "Describe 'the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' of yourself."

Life of Love

The Good
 *I'm saved by grace through faith.
*I tend to be joyful, pleasant, and happy. 
*I am a good listener and someone willing to give wise counsel.
*I care deeply and love sincerely. 
*I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. 

The Bad
 *I'm a sinner.
*I don't trust very easily.
*I don't like change.
*Gross things actually freak me out. 
*I'm not very "adventurous". 

The Ugly
*I'm a sinner.
*This thing on my eye...It's the reason there aren't very many pictures of me lately. It showed up a few months ago and won't go away...Remember what I said about doctors? That's why it isn't fixed yet.
*I don't share. In other words, I am selfish.
*I get anxious.
*Even though I hate arguing, I will usually defend truth, a point, or a person until I "win".



  1. Everybody is a sinner, so it's good that you recognize it, but remember that God is full of grace and love!

    I don't think making people work for your trust is a bad thing! Just that you require a little proof before you open up your soul. I wish I trusted a little less easily!

  2. Girl i'm anxious too! I struggle with anxiety hard-core, i went to counseling for two years and it really, REALLY helped.
    What is up with your eye? this is the first i'm reading about it. :( :(
    You are a joyful person, i have most definitely noticed that about you! Great quality.


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