Currently pt. 3

Thursday, July 03, 2014

July 1, 2014

On Monday I realized that it was the last day of June. If I wrote June a letter it would simply read:

"Dear June, 

That was fast."

Summer is my very favorite. I don't know what all July will hold but the plans are rolling in and I am starting to get pretty excited about it all. 

Currently I am...

wishing: That my summer plans included a trip to South Carolina and Cape Cod. I've got family and friends to see and I'm getting a little homesick for both...One day these trips will happen. For now, I've got a lot of stuff going on right where I'm at! :) 

celebrating: The fact that the pool is open,  the 4th (with a big group at Nicky's Mom's and sister's places), and hopefully a few cook outs and summer in general.

wearing: In May I brought in the summer skirts and dresses. In June I found myself wearing comfy shorts and tshirts. All of that continues and thanks to the sun, the freckles are coming out too.

cooking: The freezer is stocked with all kinds of meat and I've picked up flour and baking chips (chocolate and butterscotch). I've got recipes for beef brisket, butterscotch blondies, and lemon meringue pie to test out. In the meantime, I'm making old favorites like meatloaf, BBQ pork (complete with cornbread and beans), and Mexican food (white enchiladas, tacos, rice, nachos, etc.). I've been making sure that there's always some coffee, sweet tea, or lemonade in the fridge that is ready to enjoy.

planning: The highlight of highlights of my summer is that my brother and sister are going to be attending a camp and while they are busy during the day, my Mom and I are going to hang out together in a new to us city. Mom, if you're reading this, we really need to get an itinerary going!

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  1. ooo girl SC- you come on!
    yay for pool days, cooking (man I need your skill to rub off on me haha) and for time with your mom!

  2. Ooh, a mom trip would be so fun! Where are you considering going? And butterscotch blondies sound pretty great too. Thanks for linking up!

  3. girl, I know! june went by so quickly--i'm a little sad it's already come and gone. it sounds like july has been good to you so far. and i bet your freckles are so darn cute--i have them too!
    thanks so much for linking up with us!

  4. An itinerary? Really? Itineraries are stressful and confining and worriesome. :-) Let's see, I plan on just sort of wandering down the streets to see what we see. Oh, and getting your haircut at that one place if you haven't recently taken the scissors to your hair yourself. Now, what I DO want to plan is fun places to eat for dinner! We must scope those places out!


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