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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June 2, 2014
June 20, 2014
June 17, 2014

June flew by this year. The last few Junes have been wet and cold and everything but summer. One June day a few weeks ago I found myself realizing how nice and summery THIS June had been. The next day, the rain came.

Strange how that works isn't it? Still, I was glad for the rain and so were some of my plants. It made our week at the ranch extremely pleasant and it gave me something to look forward to in July.

In June I learned some strange things...

I learned that gopher snakes and bull snakes are the same. Due to an ENORMOUS one that showed up in our barn, I learned that they can climb and that they can be constrictors. If you want to see the picture, I'll show you...It was so large, you won't believe your eyes!

I learned that Lily Tomlin did the voice of Miss Frizzle on The Magic School bus. I always liked Miss Frizzle, so this was a little weird to find out.

I learned the actual meaning of a few sayings which turn out to come from boxing. "Throw in the towel" is what happens when the coach sees that his boxer is being BEAT and so he throws in the towel to concede the match. "Box you out" literally means to box someone out of the match or ring.

Blogger's autocorrect taught me that it is "glaringly" and NOT "blaringly". I wonder how many times I've said that one wrong?

I learned that lemongrass essential oil is supposed to be good for varicose veins.

I learned the steps involved in studying the Bible for comprehension-interpretation-application thanks to Jen Wilkin. My personal journey towards true Bible literacy begins in July!

I learned that lupine grows on its own in the "wild" thanks to Dennis and his knowledge of native plants. Do you know that my lupine plant is one of the few things I've killed....Tells you my green thumb has major issues.

June included two trips to see my friends from the ranch, many hours of read aloud time with my brother and sister, one skype session with my other brother, several cook outs, learning to play "A Perilous Parlor Game" (it's designed after The Series of Unfortunate Events and is super fun), and a couple of spontaneous trips to the city.

Before I sign off today I have a couple more things to tell you about:

 The first one is that I have another surprise up my sleeve that involves YOU guys. I was planning to drop a few hints, but I haven't yet. Let's just say I'm really excited and I think you will be too. Turns out, reveal day is TOMORROW!


The second thing is that as Crossway prepares for the release of Jen Wilkin's book, they are offering to help you get in the Word by emailing you throughout the month of July. You can find out more and sign up by clicking HERE. I'm signed up and looking forward to seeing what kinds of hints and articles and videos they share!

What did you learn in June?

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