Room Reveal pt. 2

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Earlier this month I finally got one corner of my room exactly the way that I want it! It felt so good to get these books out of their boxes and know where they are again.  

I'm ALWAYS fiddling with things and moving them around, but the bookshelf is where it's going to be and the three main shelves will stay as they are. I've had this particular bookshelf for seven years and I really like that it adds a bit of height and gives me a "mantle" to use. 

The art is from a makeover that my Mom gave to my childhood bedroom. It was in my sister's nursery after that and then it ended up back in my hands. I'm sentimental. I'm hanging on to it.

The top right shelf has some cookbooks and a stuffed animal that my brother and sister got me during the Webkinz craze! It's a hippo and it's pretty cute, so it tends to float around my room cheering up little corners.

After I took this picture, I also realized that my journals (on the bottom shelf) need a new home.

Here you see a book I'm REALLY looking forward to reading this fall along with one of my favorite things about my room. I've had some of that nailpolish for WAY too long, but I just love that giant vase that I picked up to store them in!

The tattered books on the reference shelf were gifts from my Grandma and Ghiddu when I started school. That's my favorite corner of the shelf and those few books are some of my favorite possessions.

So, there's ONE tiny corner. So, things ARE moving along.


  1. woohoo progress!! :)
    I love love love that you put your nail polish in a glass jar (mine are too!)
    great little corner!

  2. Very nice arrangement!!! and ohhh love that big book on top of the bookshelf! its perfect there!!! you seems so inspired, your arrangement shows!! and you have a collection of good reads!! ;-)


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