The Circle: What's In My Bag

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

In Its Time

Kiki and Meg are hosting The Circle this month! If you haven't heard, they're doing a "what's in your bag" theme this time around.

Today you get a candid look into my bag. I'm a big bag full of stuff kind of person. I have a main purse, but I have back ups for different activities and outfits. This means that everything isn't always transferred from one bag to the next. Today's look shows that there are several things missing.

My "go-to" bag. Macy's Christmas Sale 2012

I emptied my purse this morning and found...

* a waterbottle

* a clean pair of socks (on long drives after a day of sandals I'm ready for something on my feet)

* my sunglasses case that my Mom and I made together (I try so hard to be crafty...)

* the black pouch is what I keep my cellphone in

* my purse hanger (I found this in the gift section of a little sandwich shop and it's GREAT)

* chapstick, hair clips, thumbdrive, paint chip, and a quarter

* pen, grocery lists, sticky notes, and movie stubs (apparently screen 6 is where it's at?!?!)

* my keys: keychain was my Grandma's, my brother gave me the dog tag piece in South Dakota last February, and the ribbon is so that I can always find them wherever they end up in my bag

* my wallet 

When I bought this purse I knew I wanted a crossbody strap AND a short strap. I had a picture in my head of what I hoped it would look like and this was IT. When I saw the little sparrow on the front, the deal was sealed - it's my favorite thing about this bag!

What's in YOUR bag?

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  1. your bag is so cute! next time I get a purse, it needs to be a crossbody!

  2. I love that you have socks! And water, I can't go anywhere without water!

  3. Awesome. What do you use a purse hanger for? I feel like I'm missing out on something useful :)

  4. Really enjoying looking through everyones bags :) I love how yours is pretty colour coordinated!!! All with the natural brown colours - very cute!!

  5. Socks! Such a good idea! I love seeing the different things everyone carries!

  6. I am so glad you carry a bag so I don't have to...truly. I often wonder if my future includes a fanny pack, and I shudder!

  7. This is a very cute link up! I was just browsing your page. A little while back you had commented on a "Currently" post of mine. We had discussed popsicle molds that actually work and I wanted to tell you I FOUND SOME!! They are push pop molds on Amazon. Come check them out on my blog when you have a chance. Meanwhile, I am going to get to work on this "whats in my bag" link up because it is adorable. By the way, your purse hanger is adorable!

  8. I love that feeling when you find the PERFECT purse and it looks like this is a great one (and it's in great shape, too!). I love having shorter and longer straps--it's pretty much a must for me these days.

    I love the idea of a purse hanger! I used to have one somewhere and keep forgetting to find it so I can add it back to my purse. :)

    Thanks for linking up!


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