When A Girl Wants A Hammock

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Before I get going on today's post, I have a special announcement for all of you!

Jenna and I would like to invite you to join us for: "Victory In Jesus", a ONE TIME link-up where you share your testimony of God's saving grace in your life!

So, here are the details:

* Victory In Jesus is a one time link up happening NEXT Tuesday, August 5th

* You can link up a new post OR one you have already written that is focused on your testimony. 

* This is a time for us to come together to share our story, encourage others, and grow in our relationship with God by focusing on what He has done in our lives.

We thought this would be a great way to get people talking about their faith and how their relationship with God got started! I hope you'll join us! 

* * * * *

According to Country Living Magazine, today is National Hammock Day. I had these pictures from July 2 sitting around waiting to be posted when I read about it earlier this month, so I decided that the timing was perfect! 

A few months ago my sister ordered herself a hammock. It took FOREVER to arrive (I don't know if it got back ordered or lost or what. It literally took WEEKS to get here). Every single day she would ask if ANYTHING had come for her. Eventually, something did...

We've never had a hammock, so it took some figuring out. She got the kind that hooks in a tree, but the instructions weren't all that helpful.

I went to grab my water and came back to find that she had all but given up. The excitement of laying on a hammock on the ground isn't quite the same as on that's in a tree. Still, it made for a cute picture!

My brother and I were ZERO help. I sat there taking pictures and he sat there teasing the dog eating a push pop. This made for an equally cute picture! 

Things got worse...Somehow, my brother ended up in the hammock before my sister!

And, wouldn't you know, this hammock does tricks! Just in case you prefer sleeping on your stomach.

And FINALLY, her hammock came, she got it set up, and she got to RELAX in it for herself! Ever since then, everyday is hammock day in my sister's book. She's one that goes after what she wants and her new hammock is just a small example.

These kind of afternoons are the ones that make me so glad to be enjoying these "teenage" years right alongside of them!

* * * * * 

Get your posts ready and come back next week for the link up.  I 'm looking forward to hearing about the hand of God in the lives of His people!

In the meantime, spread the word about "Victory in Jesus" by grabbing this button:

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  1. Yes! Is it an ENO? I have one and they are the best things ever. I always tell people, seriously one of the best naps you will ever have will be in that hammock! Depending on what types of straps you have, it can be an easy and quick setup and take down. Glad to see ya'll figured it out and got to enjoy it! :)

    Also, I'm super pumped about this link-up! I think it is going to be a great one. Can't wait to start working on that post. :)


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