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Monday, July 14, 2014

July 1, 2014

As I was reading another installment in Amy's "Make It Monday" series last week, I clicked over to Jordyn's blog. After clicking around I realized that we have a few things in common (reformed theology, clean freakishness, and a love for taking time to recognize God's grace in our lives, to be specific).

I discovered she has a bi-weekly link up that she calls "Grace Upon Grace" which is  all about "sharing at least four evidences of grace from my previous few days of life".

She Who Fears || Grace Upon Grace

So, here we go! God's grace showed up in my life last week in these four ways (and soo very many more)...

1. "Meeting" Jordyn! There are so many bloggers to be friends with...Finding one with several things in common is extra nice.

2.  When I was invited to 2 cookouts. Last Saturday night I went to bed with a fever and I didn't really feel better until Monday afternoon. Starting the week sick is not so good and I spent the week in "catch up mode". Not having to cook twice was PERFECT timing.

3. A pool day with my sister. Swimming has gone through some serious seasons. When I was little I was the kid that treaded water and played an occasional game of colors. After my brother and sister were born I was their ticket to go in any pool they wanted. Then they magically out grew the need for that ticket and I became the chauffer/occasional swim buddy, but I usually just sat on the side talking to the moms. Then the time came where they really didn't need me at all anymore and I thought, "Well, now what?!?! I can't go swimming by myself." (I'm weird, I know. Everyone else is happy to swim alone.) Last week my sister and I went and we swam. She didn't ditch me to swim with other kids and I lightened up and raced and tried strokes I haven't done in years. It was a blast! Do I dare say that THIS swim season is my favorite? Only God knew!

4. Sleep. I can pretty much sleep any time and any place. I know that this is not true of everyone and I also know that I have God to thank for the sleep I get each night. As John Piper shared yesterday, "'He gives to his beloved sleep.' Psalm 127:2 We can’t even sleep in our own strength. He gives it. Or we don’t have it."

So, there's my first Grace Upon Grace post. 
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  1. Sleep! I can sleep almost anywhere, any time too. It's so nice. And funny you mentioned the pool... I went for the first time this summer on Saturday! By myself :) It's awkward at first, but I just act like I don't feel awkward, and it's totally fine.

  2. I just found your blog through & I love it! I adore sleep, swimming, & cookouts as well so we would get along great :P



  3. Victoria,
    Boo for getting sick, but I'm happy to hear that those cookouts happened! I have been in a funk lately where I'm just so tired that the last thing that I want to do is cook and I've been invited to quite a few dinners lately as well, too! Big blessing!

    Also, that rules about being able to sleep a lot! I'm hoping that that will come soon for me, too ;)

    It was so awesome to "meet" you, too! I can't wait to get to know you more :)


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